Alicia Mathewson is a Singer, Songwriter, Healer, & Teacher. Owner of Sounding Still Wellness, she uses her voice, wisdom, & creativity to help people awaken to their true nature and be happy.Image 1

Through her recordings, live performances, private sessions, and classes you will find empowerment and joy giving you the courage to be true to yourself and be happy!

For Immeditate JOY and relaxation download her new acclaimed CD 2012: Isn’t it Amazing? HERE

“To listen to Alicia’s album is to agree to have your heart cracked open and your mind freed to a higher level of consciousness. Her words come through clearly, words about serving, loving self, and living meaningful lives. It isn’t just an album, it’s a meditation and a healing. As a yoga instructor, I would use several of these tracks in my classes, offering up beautiful music and wisdom to my students. Thank you Alicia for offering your heart up to the world through this beautiful album. Namaste” – Andrea S., California

“If you were at the Grand RE-opening of Power Yoga Of Cape Cod-you would’ve heard the LIVE version of “May I Be At Peace”by Alicia Mathewson-and OH MAN it would’ve blown you away!!! If you haven’t heard this track yet-it will melt your heart and bring tears to your eyes. True love and healing all over the planet. Send it out to everyone.” JIll Abraham, owner Power Yoga of Cape Cod

“As a local “groupie” I’ve had the chance to listen to Alicia almost every week over the past 6 months. Alicia’s music is filled with love & Light! Her Soul shines through every word, every note. On her new CD, I can hear Alicia smiling (beaming) as she sings her truth, my truth, our truth. Yes, it’s Amazing! I love all of the tracks but 2 reach out and truly speak to me – Sing for Free and Fighting the Good Fight. Thank you, Alicia, for the gift of your music.” – Joan G.

For Bookings call 646-345-5484 or email soundingstill@gmail.com


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  1. Hi alecia,
    I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing you perform at the chat house in september. The energy really was incredible. You mentioned a dream that prominently featured dolphins. From what I know they represent manna and tradionally they have been seen as messengers between the worlds. Hope this helps. I really have enjoyed your 2012 album and wonder if you have other albums available.
    be well,

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