Inspired by artists from Ani DiFranco to Snatam Kaur, Alicia Mathewson’s music is transformational.

A singer/songwriter, meditation guide and healer, she has been called a “sit-down comedian with angels flying out of her mouth.”

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Alicia’s third album, Wise Innocence, is more than an album – it’s vibration that will inspire and awaken you to live the life you always imagined for yourself.

Released June 2015, Alicia’s new collection of original songs and sacred chants follows on 2012’s Isn’t It Amazing? and 2008’s Winds of Sinai. This time, Alicia recorded at world-class producer Jon Evans’ Brick Hill Studio, with percussionist Fugan Dineen and vocalist Catie Flynn rounding out the sound. From upbeat tracks like Now is My Time that make you want to drive down a country road with the windows down and the volume up, to peaceful chants such as Gate Gate that tap into your spiritual state, Wise Innocence captures Alicia’s range as an artist.

Through Alicia’s recordings, live performances, private sessions, and classes you will find empowerment, joy and transformation. Alicia has performed and presented at numerous festivals, gatherings and retreats, including Yoga Reaches Out New England and Love Yoga Fest Cape Cod.

Alicia owns Sounding Still Wellness, through which she offers a variety of healing modalities. She is a Certified SQ Wellness Practitioner and Teacher of the Rising Star Healing System, serving over 300 clients throughout the world. Alicia leads meditation and chanting practices for individuals, groups and communities.

A graduate of Middlebury College, Alicia also holds an MA from Smith College and an MFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Cape Wellness Collaborative, a non-profit organization providing free-of-charge integrative therapies to those facing cancer on Cape Cod and the Islands.

“There has been much research about the healing power of music. Tones, vibrations, and words all carry energy that affects our mind-body. Alicia’s voice is a positive force that can help transform us in profound ways. A few minutes of listening and a positive shift is inevitable.”
Amy B. Scher, author and energy therapist for emotional healing

“Alicia’s music comes from her heart, a unique beat from her that others can connect to on many levels.”
Derek O’Neill, Master Teacher & Humanitarian

Raising Her Voice, July 18, 2014, The Barnstable Patriot

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