Energy Healing

Alicia Mathewson is a Teacher and Practitioner of the Rising Star and Prema Birthing Healing Systems.  She is a student and colleague of Transformational Therapist Derek O’Neill and visits Ireland often for play, “re-tuning”, and wisdom among friends.

She is available for local sessions at KrishnaYoga on Wednesdays in Yarmouth, MA through Sounding Still Wellness.

(Sunflower Market Place,  923 Route 6A,  Yarmouth Port, MA)

What is the Rising Star?

What is Prema Birthing?

What is Energy Healing?(from SQ Wellness)

Healing is a process through which a being is brought from a state of dis-ease to a state of ease (ie. health and balance.)

To achieve optimal and lasting results, the healing needs to occur on all levels of the person (or animal) –  physical, emotional, psyhological, energetic and spiritual. If healing is brought only to the symptoms, without addressing the cause of the symptoms, the door is open for the symptoms to return. When healing is brought to all levels, both the symptoms and the cause of the dis-ease are addressed. In such a case, the healing is so comprehensive that the dis-ease will likely not return.

Energy healing is a form of healing that can address all levels of a person’s being in a very deep and focused way. The most effective forms of energy healing channel energy from Source to Source – from the Source above (Universe), to the Source within the client. In these forms of healing, the healer is not the “doer”, but is simply a channel, or facilitator for pure energy to flow in whatever form serves the client best.

For more articles visit SQ Wellness.

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