Greetings from Agamy!

Hello Friends!

Life so far in Egypt is relaxing and beautiful. I am blessed to be retreating in Agamy which is a beach area about 20km from Alexandria (and about 3 hours from Cairo). We are here in a beautiful family home and settling into Egyptian life in August in Agamy. We sleep late, sip coffee by the pool, and then head to the beach for sunset. Have a meal (around 8 or 9) and then stay up late reading and/or talking.

more teachers arrive tomorrow, so I imagine at some point we will have to hunker down and really work on our curriculums, but for now I am soaking in the Egyptian beach life, elhamduAllah (thank God).

more to come soon, but for now feeling incredibly grateful to have this slow time of self-reflection and peace.

These are Mrs. Laila’s roses. so much LOVE

love love love


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  1. So glad you are getting some relaxation in before the school year! Take lots of photos so we can see the beach…you know we're curious here in B'stable. lots of love, L

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