Settling in the Newness!

Hello Friends!!

It seems fitting that I am finally updating this blog on a New Moon in Virgo. I am a virgo and have come to learn that this sign is about fully purifying, aligning and integrating mind, body, and spirit. Virgo’s are often in professions of service. So here I am in Egypt on the ground level of founding a new school (sometimes literally a pile of sand that is supposed to be the drama/music room). With this experience so far, it has all been all about purification and alignment. My physical body has been going through many changes and is not always happy about them, while my mind and spirit longs to stay positive and in a state of trust. When my physical body begins to hurt or revolt in some way staying in a state of trust becomes harder and harder. Good to notice. It’s sort of like when you’re sick, all you want is your mommy.

And so again, on even a deeper level, I am invited to go deep within myself and be my own mommy. Which for me really is the path to full Self-Realization. This process of Self-Love allows me to be more purely in service of those around me, which is my true hearts desire.

Somedays I say, really God? is there where I am supposed to be? And then I remember, I used to say this to myself when I was on Cape Cod in January. hmmmmmmm.

Hopefully school will start Oct. 3 and we will really begin to ground in. With threats of further delays due to Swine flu, we are creating a alternative plan in which we may teach students off-site in small groups. Because of this we got to meet many parents and some students yesterday. This gave of us all a great deal of hope and inspiration. Suddenly the many moments of frustration were eclipsed by one brief interaction I had. One of my students who is in third grade and speaks very good English lights up as she sees that I play guitar. “I have a guitar,” she says beaming, “but I don’t know how to play it”. “I’ll teach you then, ” I say, “we’ll have fun” Her smile grows, as I her feel her mother next to her thrilled to see her daughter talking with her new teachers. I also sang “Let it Be” during the third grade meeting, while waiting for some parents to arrive. This took me back to a particularly fabulous evening at Creacon Lodge just a few weeks ago in which I was blesssed to play in the meditation hall. (A shout-out to all my fellow yogis!). And I thought, “Yes, music is a vibration that connects us all”.

Today, also on this new beginning (virgo new moon), we, the six american teachers, will finally be spread out into 2 different apartments in Maadi, an expat friendly part of Cairo. We have all been living for the last 6 weeks somewhat on top of each other, while we wait for our official residence to be completed (prob by Nov.) and were starting to desolve into a bad reality TV show. The up side of that is we have really gotten to know each other and recognize how extraordinary a group we are. Thank God we laugh incessantly about almost everything. Both apts. in Maadi are gorgeous and one is on the 20th floor on the Corniche overlooking the Nile. On a day with light or no haze (about once a week) you can see the sun rise or set over the pyramids. Pretty amazing!

And so, I am grateful for the other teachers who have taken on this adventure with me with creativity, kindness, and determination and I am grateful for the many friends on facebook and at home who are following along and sending little comments of encouragement.

I am sure many of you are also beginning new today, whether inside or out. Take some time, tune in, be grateful for all that you have changed or has changed around you and let go. Open and recieve the new. Give yourself credit for how far you have come and all that you have already released. Even though we may have struggles, there is no better time to be a human being on this planet of ours. And we are all being called to step up and into our True Selves and be in service to those around us.

Would love to hear what is happening with you. feel free to comment here or email me directly.
love love love


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  1. Oh Alicia, your words come just in time as I get ready to cross the world again. The pre-Egypt jitters are upon me today and I want to tattoo the last paragraph of today's blog on my hand! (will settle for just recalling it over the weekend).

    Yes, the Cape in January . . . God doesn't ask us to be IN A PLACE but just to BE . . . seems so simple . .

    Thank you! See you soon – I am so glad to look to re-grouping with you and all the rest of the AAA club ( Awesome, Amazing, Americans) soon. Makes the travel all that much easier. MaryAnn

    PS – Where am I living??! Strangely I am curious!

  2. Sai Ram Aleesh!!! So nice to hear about your experiences. Thanks so much for sharing them! All is well here in PS, BK! The weather is starting to cool and the trees are just starting to let go of some of their leaves. Probably due more to wind as they have not changed colors yet. Mostly things are the same and folks are in denial that fall is arriving! I look forward to Skyping with you soon. (Skype rocks!) So much love to you and those with you that are holding and teaching love. Love Love Love, Carolyn

  3. hi Leesh,

    so great to read about what is in your heart and on your mind….I left my job at the restaurant last week …to be a full time artist…scary…
    thanks for the inspiration!!!
    love love love
    to you

  4. Hey Alicia –

    Thanks for sharing the journey. At Jackson's 4th grade curriculum night I noticed a piece of his writing in the hall titled – My wish for 4th Grade – It was all about his hopes and dreams for a trip to Egypt. In it he referred to Alicia as his aunt…so cute….I hope I can make it happen for him….

  5. Alicia,
    I'm sorry you're having health challenges…must be hard when you're far from home…or is that just me talking?!

    That moment with you new student…lovely and encouraging for her,her mom, and you!!

    Many blessings and much love…keep on keepin on! Jane

  6. Thanks for all the comments and love!! Meg – that's such a great story about Jackson. I get the most homesick when I think of Owen and Saraellen so it's nice to know I am holding some space for the Dreams of Jack. whenever he (and you) are ready, we will plan a fabulous visit. 🙂

    It's the first day of EID today in Maadi, which marks the end of Ramadan (30 days of fasting from negative thoughts and food and other things). It was also the Jewish new year yesterday (as I was reminded by all my FB friends) and all on the new moon in virgo. All the world religions are so deeply connected. If only we could all awaken fully and realize this. here's hoping!

    more soon.

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