Awake, Awake, Awake! 11/11/11.

Hello friends –

There is much to report from the last month of my travels – Open House at school, Halloween Party in Maadi – 20 floors above the Nile, and an amazing trip to Dahab – the coast of the Sinai Pennisula on the Red Sea. I scuba dived for the first time and I am hooked!

But most importantly, I wanted to let you know I have the privilege of being in Egypt tomorrow – Wed Nov. 11, 2009, which holds an 11/11/11 consciousness. Many believe this holds a very high love/peace consciousness, also thought of as a Christ Consciousness or Supreme Consciousness. I will be joining a group meditation at the pyramids from 6am-8am.

Many all over the world will be consciously choosing to focus on LOVE. I recently saw a great video of Marianne Williamson talking about how it only takes 11% to help the earth awaken into more LOVE. you can view it here:

Please tune in and know that I will be tuning into you as well. If you want more info on what some others have to say about 11/11/11 you can check out these websites as well: or

But mostly, just smile, breathe, and know that you are LOVE. It is inside of you, not outside. be still. rest. give thanks. meditate. do yoga. smile. and breathe some more.

love love love


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