Getting perspective (up in the air)

I am typing this post from my apartment in Cairo. It’s somewhat strange to fly home to the US for Christmas and have to keep saying, well my apartment is in Cairo. What? My apartment is in Cairo. how did that happen? and could it be true that by the time the 3 weeks of US friends and family was ended I was looking forward to returning to my apartment to ground in after the holidays (in Cairo!). yes it is true. It feels great to be back in my own space. surprising., especially considering the last two days before I left I was quite weepy.

And that just brings me to the truth of how hard I have worked in my life to not feel pain. Why do we think feeling pain is so bad? Maybe because when we are feeling it, we are afraid it will never end. or perhaps, we don’t want to appear weak or damaged or out of control.

If you ask questions like this check out SQ Wellness for a little satsang.

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