The Last Blog from Cairo, Egypt

In two days, I fly back to the USA. wow.

It’s been quite a year here in Cairo with many many lessons and experiences. I am grateful for so much. I am grateful to have swan and scuba dived in the red sea – 3 TIMES. I am grateful to have cruised down the Nile – WITH MY DAD (Happy Fathers Day by the way). I am grateful to have meditated and toned in the Great Pyramid on Nov. 11, 2009. I am grateful to have shared myself with my students singing songs like “Free to be you and Me” and ” I get by with a little help from my friends”. I am grateful to have sang at the JW Marriot a few nights ago randomly and shared my voice and my songs – the purest and truest part of my essence. (cell phone video on my Facebook page)
I am grateful to have lived in Cairo and experienced the people and the land up close and personal. It is the land – the desert and the sea and the hot sun – that makes Egypt Egypt. Just like it is the wet green hills that make Ireland, Ireland.
I am grateful to have visited my “home” land Ireland a few times while in Cairo. The juxtaposition of living in Cairo and traveling to Ireland brought great clarity and insight. My recent week with Derek O’Neill and SQ Wellness was the best yet and I encourage you to peruse the updated website for the retreat center I often visit, SQ retreats. it’s a gift that keeps on giving. I will be offering healings and meditation classes from July 1-Aug 16 in the Cape Cod/Boston area and look forward to sharing the Rising Star, Prema Birthing, and Prema Agni energies with all those who feel ready to share the LOVE of who they are and be in service of themselves and Humanity.
For those of you don’t know yet, I am leaving Egypt for good this Wed and will be based in Barnstable, MA from July 1-Aug. 17. Then on Aug. 17 I fly to Beirut, Lebanon and begin working at the American Community School. It will be a great new adventure and one I am truly looking forward to. More to come on that later . .. .
For now, I am grateful – grateful to fly home to the USA and spend some lovely lazy days of summer with family and friends.
Happy Summer Solstice. Be the SUN that you are and SHINE WITH GRACE on this longest day of 2010.
love love love

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