August in Beirut

Hello Friends!

I have been in Beirut for just a week and so far all is well – and I really mean it. 🙂 My apt. is great – it’s big, clean and has lots of AC. August by the mediterrean is hot and humid! so the AC is very important. I have been welcomed with lots of love – both in attitude and practicallity, which after my Cairo experience is greatly appreciated. It’s amazing to be picked up at the airport, taken to your new apt. and already have a few items in your fridge. that kind of hospitality goes a long way. And let me tell you – the Lebanese are ALL ABOUT hospitality – and FOOD.

I was blessed to spend by 39th birthday with my dear friend Mariam from childhood. she drove me up the mountain to a beautiful Italian restaurant that felt far more like Europe than any middle eastern country. That’s what Beirut is like – international and highly influenced by Europe. If it weren’t for the political instability, I have no doubt Lebanon would be one of the hottest tourist spots in the world – with fine dining, live music, mountain hikes and skiiing as well as time by the sea. Truly beautiful.

On the school front, I am officially a middle school teacher. I will be teaching Grade 5-8 but my “home” will really be the middle school and I will also be an advisor to about 9 kids. What this exactly entails I am not sure, but I am imagining it will give me lots of opportunities to reflect back on my won middle school experience – a thought that brings me both excitement and trepidation.

There is so much to share already and school hasn’t even started yet, but stay tuned. I may update the blog more than once a month, but will only send out monthly reminders via email as to not over email anyone. If you want to read it everytime I Blog, you can always just bookmark me and check when you feel like it. 🙂 I can’t figure out yet how one subscribes, but will pass that info on once I learn it.

One highlight so far was my visit to the Kahil Gibran museum in the mountains of Lebanon. I have always loved his writing and his paintings were wonderful to see right in his place of birth. I have posted a couple pics of that trip.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few lazy days of August and celebrating all that has changed for them over the last year. some changes may feel difficult but celebrate anyways because change is the one thing we can count on and no matter how unsettling or exciting, it is always an opportunity to discover more about ourselves and the truth of who we are.

smile. it makes life better.
love love love

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