40 and Fabulous Live in NYC!!!

Sat August 13 7pm at The Alignment Center in NYC

40 and Fabulous! Live Devotional Concert
offered by Alicia Mathewson

It is with grace and gratitude that I announce we will be sharing the 40 and Fabulous campaign LIVE at the Alignment Center on Saturday night August 13 in NYC. It’s a full moon and we are going to have some chanting and musical fun. I started this campaign to inspire myself first and foremost. I have been a singer since the age of 3 and been sharing my music as a songwriter and composer for as along as I can remember. After meeting Derek O’Neill and joining SQ Wellness, my relationship to my voice, music, and singing couldn’t help but change. I became more and more interested with devotional singing and the practice of what some call kirtan or bhakti yoga. Over the last 18 days (I started on July 15) I have been offering a chant a day on-line on my youtube channel to celebrate being alive and being almost 40 (Aug 24 is the day). I hope to inspire others to share themselves however they dream and financially support SQ Foundation ($40 suggested).

We are in so much abundance and it is time to be who we are and love all, serve all – beginning with our own hearts and creative energy. So come on Saturday and join in the fun. If you have already donated to the Foundation, THANK YOU, it’s only $5 cash for you!
All others will be asked to offer $20 cash or write a check on the spot to SQ Foundation for $10-$400 and pay only an additional $5 in cash. Join me (with lots of friends) and let’s sing/chant our way into the full moon and a whole new world! Tune in directly at the SOUNDING STILL YOUTUBE CHANNEL or visit http://www.aliciamathewson.com.
For more info on SQ Foundation visit http://www.sq-foundation.org

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