Happy Valentines Day!

PrimaAgni1.2Whew! Blizzard 2013. That was fun. And challenging.

When events like this happen that effect the lives of so many people – cutting out electricity and heat for multiple days, we are all invited to not just practice spiritual teachings and wellness tools, but actually apply them.

When I was huddled up on a couch stoking a fire all night working hard to keep warm, I pulled out an old yoga tool I learned over a decade ago called alternate nostril breathing. This simple tooled immeditately helped calm my nervous system bringing on peaceful sleep.

Another tool that helps me feel happier and more empowered on a daily basis is called the Prema Agni.

This sacred symbol which you can trace in the air or on someone’s back translates as the “Fire of Divine love” and is especially fun to use around Valentines day. You can learn how to draw it yourself HERE.

You can also join us at Sounding Still Wellness on Monday Feb 25 for our full moon meditation and learn about it in person.

Lots is happening in the next few months so be sure to scroll down and check it all out.

May your heart be filled with LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Sacred Concert & Chanting Workshop – Sunday Feb 23
3:00 – 5:00pm

Pre-Register HERE or call 508-548-0503

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