Happy Full Moon – the Joy of Summer

July 9. Full Moon. Guru Purnima.


The weather on Cape Cod (and in Vermont where I recently attended a family wedding) has been absolutely perfect. It has given me such an amazing opportunity to soak in all the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. It’s like I am realizing all over again why summer  makes me so happy.

I can stand in the salt water ocean, with my feet on the sand, the sun shining down on me, and the breeze in my hair. All elements along with my breath in total balance. Ahhhh.

I hope you are giving yourself the chance to experience this as well. The energies of summer can move very fast and I find it is important to take time to GIVE to yourself and SLOW DOWN.

To this end, I hope you will join me for FULL MOON BEACH YOGA Tonight July 9 and again on August 7 and September 6. Stephanie Gilrein will be leading the yoga and I will be offering a sacred and awakening vibration through song and guitar.

mindfulness bookI am also offering a 3 week meditation series tomorrow night Monday July 10 at Sounding Still Wellness. For only $55, you get 3 weeks of meditation practice and connection, as well as the FREE book Mindfulness by Derek O’Neill. You can also drop-in each week for $20, if you can’t make all 3.

One of my favorite tracks during this summer season and a great one to drive to is Now is My Time from my record Wise Innocence. Turn it on, Turn it up, and know that you are always exactly where you re supposed to be. Love love love!



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  1. hi alicia, beautiful picture. i have plans for tonight, yet have next monday, 7/17 on my calendar. xoxox >

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