Tsunami of the Self – Become conscious and choose love

It’s been six weeks since I left Beirut and landed back on Cape Cod. Those six weeks have seen incredible change in our world (and within my own personal being). Whether it’s the earth or the economy, everybody has something to say about what’s happening. Some see these changes as a rebirth into a better world and way of being. Some see them as disastrous and painful filled with suffering and needless loss of human life and dignity. Some see them as a result of greed and environmental ignorance. Some see it as God’s plan unfolding perfectly as it should be. Some see it as a sign or call to action they can no longer ignore.

Are they not all true? And how do we hold all these perspectives while moving forward in love and peace and well-being?

I was at a service yesterday on Cape Cod and the speaker quoted Deepak Chopra (can’t remember the exact quote) that explored how the need to “be right” creates much suffering. And how our tendency to worry about others – whether in Japan or living in our own house can actually create the very fear we are worrying about. We did a small mindful exercise of surrounding the worry or the one we are worried about with light and holding the highest truth that everyone and everything is WELL RIGHT NOW. This is how miracles happen. When we focus our hearts and mind in love. Taking responsibility for the way fear is running in our OWN BEING is the most powerful service right now. See how it works for you and if you need to, invite yourself to change.

When someone says (in person or on-line), “Oh can you believe all this crazy stuff?” Smile, connect to your heart, and trust all is well. Don’t buy into the drama. Focus on your limitless power that exists within you – a miraculous and beautiful light that can shine with a simple smile. Open to what is happening in your own community and in your own mind. Though there may be no earthquake or tsunami, people are experiencing emotional and physical tidal waves all the time – especially now. How can you serve? What do you have to offer those right in front of you? What do you need right now in your life to be well?

We are in the middle of a massive awakening to Humanity and this is experienced in dramatic external events like we see in Japan and the Middle East and it is experienced in the hearts and minds of people all over the world who no longer can support their families the way they are used to and may be feeling isolated, separated, and like a failure. If you are in a place of wellness, then SERVE others. If you are in a place of need, then SERVE yourself and ask for help. Now is the time to help and ask for help. There must be a balance.

The best way to begin this process of self-awareness is simply by BEING. notice your own breath. notice your own life. Are you kind? Are you playing with your kids and being present? Are you sharing your financial and emotional wealth? Do you need to ask for help? Does someone around you need your help? How do you feel? YES, HOW DO YOU FEEL?

If you don’t know how to be still and become aware of your own thoughts or become overwhelmed by this process, find a community, or a friend, or a book, or a healer to help guide you. If this is all brand new, just begin by spending 5 minutes each day in stillness. let yourself be quiet. let yourself be grateful. trust in what YOU feel and sense and come into the service of who you truly are: A Divine Being here to serve.

We are creating our own reality – personally and collectively. How do you want to participate? With fear or with love?

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