Gay Marriage and Mental Health: Could it be the 60’s again?

I have been thinking about this blog for about 10 days and am finally typing it now, as a client just serendipitously cancelled her session. I love it when the universe says: Now! Write the blog now!

Last week NY state legalized gay marriage and I must admit I have not been one on the front lines of that movement. I was at multiple GLBT rallies throughout my day and with the writing of my musical Love according to Luc became very involved in the GLBT movement within liberal Christian communities, but the whole marriage thing just seemed uninteresting to me. I used to even say things like, “Shouldn’t we be working on eradicating poverty vs. whether rich gay people can get married? What’s so great about marriage?”

So you can imagine my surprise as I found myself feeling truly emotional when hearing about the decision. It was like my whole little angry activist life from age 19 on flashed before my eyes and and I took a sigh of relief. I remember when a good friend referred to her partner as her wife, and I felt a little uncomfortable. “She can’t say that,” I thought, “that’s not right”. I had been out as a lesbian for almost 15 years and still this use of the word wife triggered some ingrained message in me that said a wife must have a husband. a wife can’t have a wife. This is how powerful our mental programming can be. And unless we become conscious of the lies we tell ourselves, and the “rules” we’ve collectively agreed upon, peace – inside and out – become difficult to nurture. I listened to Ani DIfranco all day to celebrate and it was a wonderful honoring of my younger self and all the amazing souls I walked and worked beside over the last 20 years. Well done you big queers!

Prior to this moment of integration, I attended a conference led by the National Empowerment Center to help my cousin Elizabeth Kenny perform her lauded theater piece SICK. This piece of theater is about Elizabeth’s own journey through misdiagnosis, medication, madness, and ultimate recovery, healing, and THRIVING. At this conference, Elizabeth and I accidentally became a part of what we started to describe as a grass-roots civil rights movement. I felt like I was in the 60’s again (even though I wasn’t really there the first time around), and people were coming together, speaking their truths and asking questions about how our current healthcare system (and the pharmaceutical companies) are not just neglecting people but actively disempowering and hurting people. I encourage you to check out Elizabeth’s play and learn more by taking a look at her reading list.

As someone who has experienced depression and anxiety in my own life, this experience was hugely awakening and empowered me to believe that what I am creating with Sounding Still Wellness is needed more than ever. Speaking of which if you haven’t yet joined me on Facebook please do by clicking here and clicking like:

On a lighter and perhaps less intellectual note (Thank God!), I am doing a lot of singing and would love for you to come listen to me live. On July 1 and July 8 I am at Cape Cod Chat House in Dennis and on July 20 I will be singing at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. I am also about to launch a very exciting musical project online to help raise money for SQ Foundation. So Stay tuned!

enjoy the summer. love yourself. accept what is. be happy.

If it is the 60’s again, why not take the Beatles advice and LET IT BE!

love love love

This Rose is right outside my house. Good growing Dad!

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