We create everything. What do you want to create?

2012. It’s here. it feels good.

The past five years of my life have been incredibly awakening, challenging, expansive, ridiculous, regressive, fabulous, strange and familiar. and now here I am. and every message I receive from the Universe. is LET GO OF THE PAST. LET IT BE. TRUST.

so, how do we do that? It’s easy to read quotes, reference teachers, and even write songs (at least for me), but how do we truly look back for the last time and step forward with a new heart. And is that even possible? A part of me says it is, and yet I can feel how much I love to roll around in my past – hold on to it – feel it like I am still there, mine if for wisdom and creative inspiration. I mean come on, there’s some pretty cool stuff back there. like the 80’s. Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The rubix cube. Hanging with my cousin Elizabeth in Ahlignton Centa.

One of my favorite astrologers, Michael Lutin says that the planetary energy we are in right now is 1983. yikes! I was 12 going on 13. kind of a happening time for the little being I was. Last week I had a beautiful experience of stepping into my future with ease, joy and grace. I had the privlledge of sharing myself musically in service of a group chanting party right here on Cape Cod. It was one of those moments when you can feel the Divine Blueprint of your life clicking into alignment. Awesome and filled with Grace!

And so, after growing up here on Cape Cod in the 80’s, it was magical and almost surreal to drive up to a lakeside/woodside  home that had an energy of love and transformation and service to the Divine that I thought I needed to go to California or somewhere else to experience. It certainly didn’t exist on Cape Cod. And then, in the way the Universe loves to show you who you are, the host says to me, there is someone who is excited to see you. It was my 7th & 8th grade Science teacher. YES. 1983 baby. What a gift. And in that moment I remembered something he said, “You may have a job in the future that doesn’t even exist yet”. And I smiled thinking. “This is the job. This is the future and I am here”

And so, it is now and I am here. I am aware I have far more wisdom, willingness to serve, and intention to be in my Truest self than I ever have and yet, the truth is, sometimes I just feel like I’m 12. So, hey, maybe that’s what 2012 will feel like for a while. It’s not the end of the world, though some may experience that way.

I choose to LOVE. I choose to LOVE me – the 12 year old and the 40 year old. The Being that transcends all labels and ages and times and emotions. I choose to LOVE like I’ve never loved before and then laugh as everything unfolds in a brand new way.

If we are creating everything, what do you CHOOSE to create?

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