Mother Love, Valentines Day, and a NEW CD!

2012 Valentines day. How strange for me to be thinking of my mother. Or is it? Yes, it’s true. Every valentines day I always got a card from my mom. I remember one time when I was living in Brooklyn in my late 20’s thinking, really? Will I ever grow up and get a card (not to mention a dozen roses) from my beloved, vs. “just my mom”?

And now, almost 5 years after she has passed, I think. wow, it would be so awesome to get a card from my mom. My mom gave great cards throughout my whole life. Sometimes they were clever, sometimes they were deep and spiritual, but they were always filled with love and true knowledge of who I was. What a gift.  The last one she gave me was really funny and actually joked about (in a very compassionate way) how I had had many many girlfriends and still couldn’t seem to get it quite right.

I was blessed. I grew up with many kinds of love in my house and as a result Valentines Day now is truly about Divine love for me. So often, we can all get caught up in the romance version of love – in the let’s fall in love and run away kind of love, in the “he hurt me, that jerk” kind of love. My mom’s cards held the – “I love you no matter what” kind of love. the “I am so grateful you were born” kind of love.

The Fire of Divine Love.

On March 22, I am releasing a new CD – a CD of songs that holds an expansive idea of love. After writing many many years about lost love, broken love, and when will I get the love?,  it feels great to be offering this CD called : 2012: Isn’t it Amazing? – Songs & Chants for the New Vibration. I am so happy to be webcasting a concert LIVE from the Cape Cod Chat House. It will be invitation only, so if you are interested, please get in touch with me through FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

And so on this Valentines day, that is what I wish for all of you: Feel Loved. Truly loved just for being you. And if there isn’t another person in your life who can tell you that right now, trust that by loving yourself, more and more love will appear and bring you deeper and deeper into your True Source and the highest Truth: You Are Love.

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