The Courage to notice, act, & love

Happy August. Happy Full Moon.

August has always been a very special month for me, because my birthday falls at the very end. It’s like some sort of internal system clicks into place and I hear my inner guidance say, “Hey you, it’s time to be brilliant”.  I have lived on this earth for almost 41 years now and I am fascinated by cycles. The cycles of nature, the cycles of families, and the cycles of my own thoughts.

Do you notice your cycles? what do you notice? sometimes slowing down to notice can be one of the most powerful choices we make, yet many of us resist it. I believe it takes great courage to slow down and notice, because sometimes what we notice is not always so comfortable. It also takes great courage to move forward. To notice, allow yourself to change and then act.

I have learned that this process of noticing internally what might be out of balance, making a change within ourself and then moving forward requires LOVE. It requires the courage to keep loving yourself and others even when things may feel uncomfortable.

When we summon this courage, anything is possible. And so in August I choose courage. I choose to wake each day, see myself for who I am, love it in all it’s light and dark ,and comitt to allowing change. Allowing change.

It takes great courage to allow change.

May your August be blessed with courage, love and awakening action. And if you haven’t heard my song Isn’t it Amazing yet? download it today. It’s all about courage.

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