New day, New song

October can be a big month of self-reflection and going within. It is also when the veil (between life and death) is the thinnest. I started working on this new song around Oct. 1. feels good to be writing again. hope it will lead to a whole new album by Spring.

In the meantime if you are enjoying 2012: Isn’t it Amazing?, you may want to download Winds of Sinai, released in 2009. some good tunes on it. Come hear this song hopefully finished this Sat Oct 13 at the Chat House or some other time in the future.


Just keep walking forward, even if you can’t see the love, 

Just keep walking forward, sometimes walking is enough

Just keep singing your heart out, even if you don’t know why,

Just keep singing your heart out,  you know one day we’ll all going to die


Don’t you want to feel you gave it your call

Don’t you want to feel you shared your gift

Don’t you want to feel you answered the call

And helped everyone around you lift

just watch everyone around you lift


Copyright 2012 Alicia Mathewson


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  1. Hi Alicia,

    I found your youtube post of ‘Chant 22 Ra ma da sa sa say so hung’ it has been very healing as I listen to it most mornings whilst driving to work. I was wundering if you have a longer version of this that can be downloaded? It is by far the most amazing version available on web that really connects me with the mantra and I just adore it is a guitar version.


    • Thanks Michelle. It is the version that Snatum Kaur does on her album Grace. Her recording is amazing!! Do you know her? If not you should. Hopefully I record one soon. Thx for the comment!

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