Change is the only thing you can count on

Greetings From Cairo!

After a couple of beautiful weeks in Agamy (a coastal town on the Mediterrean near Alexandria, Egypt), I came up to Cairo for a few days. I am staying in the residence of the Director which is located in New Cairo and across the street from the school. (picture above) There is lots of construction, so the phrase “trust in trust” has a whole new meaning to me. šŸ™‚

The Egyptian government has delayed the start of all schools until Sept. 27, which is the end of Eid – the feast after Ramadan. Apparently this is because of fears of the swine flu, though it also seems strangely coincendental to me that it matches perfectly with the end of Ramadan. And so Egypt goes. Things happen here, inchallah – meaning God Willing. “inchallah” also sometimes seems to mean, “might happen, might not – who’s knows?”. Not so comfortable for the control freak part of me.

And so yes, I am being invited to apply the spiritual teachings I claim to practice at a deep, deep level, elhamduallah. surrender and trust. all is well.

The good news and the blessing (as there is always a blessing with every change) is that I leave tomorrow for London and Dublin and will be spending a week or so at Creacon Lodge – heaven here on earth for a yoga (and guiness) retreat with my friend Jodie and Sherri. God is good! I will return to Cairo on Sept. 10.

Huge energetic shifts are happening on the planet and within each of us. I just got through a horrible summer cold in Egypt – not so pleasant on the physical level (or emotional and mental). So I encourage you (and myself) to breath deeply and consciously everyday. Feel the love and expansion available to you in every moment. And reach out when you need help. When I need help I reach out to my community SQ Wellness. It doesn’t matter what community you have, just have one. There is no reason anyone needs to feel alone. except when we do. šŸ˜‰

And as everything changes in every moment (as it will continue to do).

be still and know I am (You are) God.

will keep you posted!
love love love


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