Cruising down the Nile

I am writing on this Sunday which is the beginning of my week here in Egypt and the beginning of Holy Week for those that celebrate the story of Christ Jesus. I recently read an enlightening (and perhaps different than the mainstream) interpretation of death and resurrection by a woman named Celia Fenn. She talks about the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdelene and how together through ressurection they helped birth a new balance of masculine and feminine energy. You can read the whole thing HERE.
I was blessed to have my own experience of resurrection while cruising down the nile with my father a week and a half ago. Beyond the amazing gift of experiencing the beauty between Luxor and Aswan along the Nile river, the temples, the sun. the sound of the river, I also got to share time with Dad and his new friend Pam. This was a big deal for me, because when I first came to Egypt in 2006, my mom was still alive and very present with me. I was a little nervous about my Dad coming, thinking it would make me really miss my mom and bring up all sorts of uncomfortable emotions. Instead, though, it felt like new life – for all of us and some sort of completion for me. There we were cruising down the Nile, being present, enjoying all that was. And I got to share the temple of Philae – a place dedicated to Isis and the Divine Feminine with my Dad. It felt truly miraculous!

In life, when things change, whether it be losing a loved one, losing a house, or losing a job, we may often feel like life is over, or we will never recover. In fact, the Truth is just the opposite, if we trust and have faith, who knows what new experience may open up for us. If we feel what we need to feel, let go of the old and stay open to the possibility, we can’t help but experience new life. It is often from nothing, that everything comes.
From nothing, everything comes.
enjoy these pictures of the cruise. enjoy your own inner ressurections everyday, for they happen EVERY day if you are aware and present.
I am so grateful that I will be on retreat starting Wed at my home away from home in Ireland – Creacon Prema Agni Lodge through April 8.
And I will send each and every one that reads this, a big blast of love love love!

Spring is here. Be happy!

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