12 GRATEFUL moments of 2015

THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you for tuning here at AliciaMathewson.com and out in person at the many shows, yoga classes, experiences we have shared this year.

I love reflecting, so here goes. It’s been quite a year and sometimes it helps to remind ourselves what we’ve accomplished and experienced before we LEAP OUT into the next 12 months. For a different kind of reflecting check out my BLOG over at Sounding Still Wellness.


January: My Song Isn’t It Amazing, from my 2012 release starts rotating on the WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE Podcast – Episode #40. Just as I am beginning pre-production on my new album. A wonderful sign from the universe to YES, record again.



February -Take an amazing retreat trip to Creacon Lodge in Ireland and then beginIMG_6009 recording Wise Innocence at the end of the month at Brick Hill Studios in Orleans.

March – Recording heats up. I finish the song Wise Innocence in the studio with Jon and Fugan and confirm it’s the title track. Plus we have a blast using the BIG DRUM for Hare Krishna.


AprilKickstarter Launched on April 18 new moon. Work really hard for 30 days – sometimes blissful, sometimes really nerve-racking. 😉


MayKickstarter fully funded May 17. YAHOO!! 159 backers pledged $12,846  – amazing!!IMG_6191

Played the Love Yoga Fest Retreat  – meet some wonderful folks.

Alicia Meditation LYFRnR
Love Yoga Fest

June – CD Release VIP concert at the Cape Cod Chat House. I now know that is the last time I will sing there, as it is being sold. SO GRATEFUL for the special times in that vortexIMG_6296

July – lots of gigs. lots of beach. a little press.


Alicia Singing at weddingAugust – BIG MONTH! I get married and per-request of my new Mother-in-Law sang Samastah Lokah during our wedding reception. pretty freaking cool.

44th Birthday House Concert that helped fund the video.IMG_6896

September – Official Video of Wise Innocence is released! gets over 1000 views in first month!IMG_7041


October – VIP House Concert in Santa Monica great success!


November – House Concert on 11/11 right here on Cape Cod. Lots of folks buying the record. Thanks Joan!

December – Back to Creacon Lodge and sing in the meditation hall as well as the Heart Room. Alicia in heart room 2015

THANK YOU for a wonderful year. I so look forward to all that 2016 will bring. New songs, New breath, new chance to serve and connect!

Jai Jai Ma!




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  1. Alicia, I la la LOVE YOU, your music & REALLY enjoyed ‘seeing’ and sharing in some of your highlights! Beautiful ladies in October’s pic! 🙂 I rock out to your albums more than you know. Now you know! xoxox Happy 2016! Keep on singing …. (please!)

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