I am overwhelmed with gratitude this morning for so many different reasons.

Last night I was with a community of people that first received me when I came to New York City 11 years ago. Who are they? Cycle 8. what? Is that some sort of lost soul group from a distant planet longing to reconnect. After last night, I think that may be closer to the the Truth than I ever allowed myself to believe. What an extraordinary group of searchers and dreamers and beings of CREATIVITY and TRANSFORMATION!

Cycle 8 is a group of artists and fellow travellers that I had the privilege of studying and writing musical theater with at the NYU Tisch Graduate musical theater writing program. We all received MFA’s back in 1999, and have been on a journey ever since of coming into the Truth of what those initials stand for. For me right now they are: Master of Forgetting All (that know longer serves me).

Last night we came together almost 9 years (nice completion) after graduation and shared where we were. All of us have had our share of successes and failures, struggles and triumphs, and yet all of us seem to understand – in fact KNOW deeply within ourselves that these experiences which we often label as “good” and “bad” are in fact of the same source – LOVE or LIFE or GOD or THE UNIVERSE or HEAVEN or TRUTH or whatever label works for you in the moment.

this simple and beautifully orchestrated coming together(by Liv -one of the joyful and powerful parts of us) touched me deeply and I am still processing it on all the levels. A True gift.

This is the second blog I have ever written and I just want to say THANK YOU to Liv and to that BEAUTIFUL group of souls inhabiting bodies that first welcomed me into New York and welcomed me again last night as I AM – a fellow artist, lover, searcher of Truth, stumbling human expression of the Divinity within us all.

It’s a truly amazing time to be alive. wake up and ENJOY!

love love love

ps. I learned last night that I was often known as “the clarifist”. just for the record, I hope this post clarifies nothing for no one except myself who is constantly dancing with the perfect MUSE of CONFUSION.

In my experience receiving and facilitating the Rising Star Healing Modality and attending the Ireland workshops (www.sq-wellness.com) has allowed me to release fears in my life and step more fully into Self-LOVE and acceptance. With that deeper self-love I am more able to be in Service of those around me with humility and JOY. Now what does that mean on a practical level. Here’s a random (but personal and practical) list:

I lost some weight (and am still working on it)
I practice yoga (and am still practicing). I practice Anusara Yoga at Virayoga.
I feel more still and more peaceful all the time even in stressful situations
I listen better (to myself and others)
I laugh more
I cry more
I am more aware of what my body has to tell me and find the courage to act upon it
I trust that all is well, even when it may appear it’s not.
I make more money doing what I love.
Relationships in my life are more honest and more fun.
I am that I am and offer all of my actions to the best of my ability in service of all of humanity and as a result I have WAY MORE FUN LIVING!

To open and awaken your Heart to the Truth of who you are, book a session now or better yet, go to Ireland in October.

Love all, Serve all!