As I head off to Ireland for another expansive week of More Truth Will Set You Free, I wrote a little ABC poem for myself. I also posted a new song (2 years old) on my podcast called NEW DOOR.

love love love!

The ABC’s of change

All is well
Be brave
Create something new
Dig deep
Enjoy the ride
Forgive yourself (and everyone else)
Give away everything you think you need
Hold on if it helps
Invite Peace
Joke often
Know your body
Make new friends
Never say never
Open your heart
Practice gratitude
Quiet your mind
Remember who you are
Sing for fun
Tell the truth
Use your word
Vanish fear
Walk your path
Xplore inside
You are God
Zzzzzzzzzzzz – get plenty of sleep


Tomorrow is Holy Thursday for those that practice Christianity. This was always one of my favorite Catholic rituals growing up and one service I always loved to share with my mom. In this service, which marks the story of the last supper, the priests wash the parishoners feet – a symbol of humble service, a reminder that we (even priests) are all equal and we are here to serve one another. or at least that was I was taught.

Sathya Sai Baba, a loving saint from India says, “Service to man is service to God”. Since my spiritual awareness has expanded out from Christianity, I continue to see how so many of the world religions share Truths and rituals. In the Hindu faith, to touch the Guru’s (saints) feet is the greatest honor and blessing. Suddenly the washing of the feet takes on an even deeper meaning for me, one that resonates all the way back to the ancient scriptures of the Bhagavad Gita.

I remember asking my mom once when I was a questioning teenager, “Mom, do you believe in reincarnation?”, expecting her to say no following her Catholic upbringing. She said, “Well I think it’s pretty boring if you don’t”. She of course went on to be a Reiki Master, continuing to co-lead the bereavement group at her catholic church even while she faced her own death from cancer.

Being with my mother as she released her body and fully embraced the LIGHT that she is, remains the deepest spritual teaching I have ever received and I am grateful to her and the teachings – both East and West – that helped me experience it with Grace and Surrender.

I am posting something I wrote 2 years ago while sitting with my mom 6 weeks before she died. It is called, “The Last Holy Week”

The Last Holy Week
April 1, 2007

I sat in service on Palm Sunday and felt tears welling up as I realized this may be my last holy week. This is my last Holy Week with my mother still on the planet and it may just be the last Holy Week that I feel compelled to mark by worshipping in a Christian church.

How is that possible, I think? Can I really let go of this deep passionate and shaping story of death and resurrection that has so guided the way I live my life – the way I choose, the way I love, the way I suffer. Must I give it up? Sometimes, and in that moment –while listening to another beautiful (but somewhat ancient) choral piece, I thought: yes. It’s time. It’s time to give it up. It’s time for all of us to give it up. It’s OK. It really is. I know we are afraid. We are afraid that somehow if we let these traditions go – this story – we will somehow lose track, lose our way, lose our history. But, in fact, it is in letting it go that we begin to fully reclaim and understand our history – our history that began way back in the city of Atlantis and the desert of Egypt – long before the man known as Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth.

Suffering is over. It’s time and we no longer need to be afraid.

Now isn’t Atlantis a made up myth? Perhaps, but isn’t also the idea that Mary got pregnant by God with a man named Jesus who then died and rose from the dead also a myth? And how do we decide as a society which stories, legends, and myths that require faith in something beyond provable fact, become ritualized and accepted and worshipped and handed down and which ones are just wacky notions some crazy group of christians, muslims, jews, extremists, witches, fundamentalists, feminists, or astrologers think.

As The Beatles sang, “All we need is love” and I believe that, but what is love and how does it manifest now today in this moment. How does it manifest in our hearts? In our communities? In our families?

If we exist today, we know we need a lot more than love –we need shelter and food and jobs and money and status and careers and institutions and corporations and wars and so on and so on and so on. But do we? And why? What is it we think these things give us? And what happens if we really begin to practice, live, breath and believe: All I need is love. Isn’t that what Jesus preached after all: Come follow me. Do not worry about clothes or food or shelter. I will provide. Not very practical. And neither is dancing around singing “All we need is love”. And yet in our hearts, in our bodies, we want to believe in this and trust. We do. We want to surrender and be like children, strip ourselves of the ego that tells us we need status and a career and a job and a spouse and children and control.

To let this story go, let these institutions fall, is to surrender and give up control –allow the new world, the world where love is liquid light and we are but it’s vessel fully manifest here and now on this planet.

It’s time. Do not be afraid. I go before you always.

Recently I have become more and more aware that I am a vibration. Like a musical instrument, I must tune myself. My breath is the most powerful tool in this process. This awareness and connection to my breath is everything. Yesterday I took a yoga class and my teacher talked about every pose being “in service of my breath”. What a simple and beautiful piece of wisdom.

This must be why I sing. Yes I have sung for fun, to feel cool, to entertain, to communicate, to be seen, but recently I sing to tune myself. And when I am “in tune” with my own heart, singing is effortless.

This awareness of my own breath and ability to “tune” myself becomes stronger and stronger the more I experience the energy of the Rising Star. Check it out if you resonate with any of this.

love love love

A weekend of LOVE in NYC and beyond.

I sat in a great coffee shop in Brooklyn this morning grateful for the blue sky and energy of this great city. I am singing tonight with my great friend and fabulous sax player Lynn Ligammari tonight and feel like it’s the beginning of some great more music to come – live and recorded.

If you can’t come tonight check out my PODCAST with free downloads or me at MYSPACE. here is a poem I wrote today. May we all awaken to the power and love we each hold within our own hearts and practice offering in service to those we love the most and all of humanity.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There are so many ways to love
and I’ve seen them all
a mother holding her puking kid
this seems like the greatest love of all

a sister helping her brother die
a dog licking a child
a flower opening unashamed
a splash of color in the urban wild

a gentle touch on the subway platform
offering his seat
this kind of love
of selfless care
massaging someone’s feet

when we breath and take it in
noticing who we can be
a love arrives
like no thing
It’s here to set us free

It’s not a date
or a chocolate covered heart
or even a lover’s kiss
It’s a mystery
from deep within
a pure and divine bliss

It is you
It is me
a perfect rising star
be the love
feel the change
True Love is what you are

The Prema Agni is beautifully powerful on Valentine’s Day. To draw one for yourself and the world CLICK HERE.

Thank God January is over. I’ve been talking to lots of folks and it’s been a strange (and chilly) one – inside and out. I myself survived the 2-week cough/cold and am enjoying my recent return to lots of yoga classes and deep breathing.

I am thrilled to be hosting a house concert in NYC sharing some new songs and lots of old ones about all kinds of LOVE. My friend and amazing sax player Lynn Ligammari (Lynn’s MYSPACE) will be joining me – YAY! Please come, bring a beverage and celebrate the greatest love of all – music, wait no, love of self – right that’s it! 😉

love love love to all and I hope to see you Feb. 13th in NYC!


An Evening of Love Songs
Friday Feb 13th
With sax player Lynn Ligammari

520 72nd St.
New York City
$15 (or whatever you got)
A chill house concert
BYOB (no red wine)
light snacks provided

I am overwhelmed with gratitude this morning for so many different reasons.

Last night I was with a community of people that first received me when I came to New York City 11 years ago. Who are they? Cycle 8. what? Is that some sort of lost soul group from a distant planet longing to reconnect. After last night, I think that may be closer to the the Truth than I ever allowed myself to believe. What an extraordinary group of searchers and dreamers and beings of CREATIVITY and TRANSFORMATION!

Cycle 8 is a group of artists and fellow travellers that I had the privilege of studying and writing musical theater with at the NYU Tisch Graduate musical theater writing program. We all received MFA’s back in 1999, and have been on a journey ever since of coming into the Truth of what those initials stand for. For me right now they are: Master of Forgetting All (that know longer serves me).

Last night we came together almost 9 years (nice completion) after graduation and shared where we were. All of us have had our share of successes and failures, struggles and triumphs, and yet all of us seem to understand – in fact KNOW deeply within ourselves that these experiences which we often label as “good” and “bad” are in fact of the same source – LOVE or LIFE or GOD or THE UNIVERSE or HEAVEN or TRUTH or whatever label works for you in the moment.

this simple and beautifully orchestrated coming together(by Liv -one of the joyful and powerful parts of us) touched me deeply and I am still processing it on all the levels. A True gift.

This is the second blog I have ever written and I just want to say THANK YOU to Liv and to that BEAUTIFUL group of souls inhabiting bodies that first welcomed me into New York and welcomed me again last night as I AM – a fellow artist, lover, searcher of Truth, stumbling human expression of the Divinity within us all.

It’s a truly amazing time to be alive. wake up and ENJOY!

love love love

ps. I learned last night that I was often known as “the clarifist”. just for the record, I hope this post clarifies nothing for no one except myself who is constantly dancing with the perfect MUSE of CONFUSION.

In my experience receiving and facilitating the Rising Star Healing Modality and attending the Ireland workshops ( has allowed me to release fears in my life and step more fully into Self-LOVE and acceptance. With that deeper self-love I am more able to be in Service of those around me with humility and JOY. Now what does that mean on a practical level. Here’s a random (but personal and practical) list:

I lost some weight (and am still working on it)
I practice yoga (and am still practicing). I practice Anusara Yoga at Virayoga.
I feel more still and more peaceful all the time even in stressful situations
I listen better (to myself and others)
I laugh more
I cry more
I am more aware of what my body has to tell me and find the courage to act upon it
I trust that all is well, even when it may appear it’s not.
I make more money doing what I love.
Relationships in my life are more honest and more fun.
I am that I am and offer all of my actions to the best of my ability in service of all of humanity and as a result I have WAY MORE FUN LIVING!

To open and awaken your Heart to the Truth of who you are, book a session now or better yet, go to Ireland in October.

Love all, Serve all!