Happy New Moon & 4th of July

IMG_7668Lots and lots of gigs happening – both Singer/Songwriter gigs and Yoga Events. Check out Upcoming Events to see all the dates.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the world events, go listen to live music. It will do your soul good. I promise. stop scrolling through your phone, stop watching the news, stop fretting.

Go to the Beach. Breathe Deep. Be in Nature. Create Art. Love yourself. Play with friends. Happy Happy summer! love love love!


IMG_7756 2

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  1. Hey girl!!!

    Lauren and I plan to be at Sundancers on Thursday. Can’t wait.

    And if you’re around, i’m speaking tomorrow, july 6 at 6pm at the hyannis library.

    x, f

    Felice Cohen Author, Organizer, Blogger

    New book now available! 90 Lessons For Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more)

    http://www.felicecohen.com felicecohen.wordpress.com youtube.com

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